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thursday february 15th

we can try or we can be tried

in every hero's story there's a point where they want to turn back; so close to their victory, yet also bleeding, sweating, and crying from their journey, so far

it becomes a choice, at this point 

to continue to walk forward or stay in their victimhood

i believe, whether you consider yourself a hero or not, you can probably relate, here

so, do you want to see the win or just have a story to tell?

tuesday february 13th

read yesterday's good, again

monday february 12th

over this weekend, i heard something that resonated: 'we will all find ourself in a dark place, at some point or another, you get to decide whether it's a burial or a planting'

just let that sink in..

the blessing is often disguised as a setback

friday february 9th

what a blessing it is that our eyes can see

after a year and some, overcoming severe postpartum depression, while just beginning to emerge from the fog that it placed on me & my reality

i've been looking around, at my home - my husband - my children - my creations; just thinking, oh, what a miracle it is that i can see these things

much of society is focused on the house, the wedding, the birth, the success; what about the eyes that can actually witness these things?

what a blessing it is that our eyes can see

thursday february 8th

do something that your former self would do

yes, you heard that right. in a society that is so focused on future-self; how often do we find ourself disconnected from our true self, battling our mental health or wellbeing in some way. the fact of the matter is, we are who we are, and while we evolve - there are some parts of us that are with us, for the long haul.

so, if you're feeling disintegrated, think about something you used to love to do, that you've stopped doing & then, DO it; coming back home to yourself, with each step.

tuesday february 6th

boundaries are all we got

this world is a free-for-all, in many ways; while i love to center in on love & light, it is ignorant in my opinion to forego the instances of abuse, neglect, unfaithfulness, and discord that exists in our world

what if we could protect ourself from it? what if there was magic-midas-touch that gave us the armor we need to be immune to such scenarios?

there is, in fact & its called: a boundary

what i've found is that many of us are afraid of implementing such thing because we innately feel unworthy & rather be seen by those who mistreat us than completely unseen

now more than ever, we need to come home to our God-given worthiness for respect, care, loyalty, and harmony & flex righteous boundaries with those around us

who do you need to set a boundary with, today?

monday february 5th

what's your superpower?

this week at the homestead, i'm helping our children embrace their 'superpower' - so, we spent time in circle today, creating a superhero name & dreaming-up their original kindness-based kryptonite

we were created to be unique, and there is something only WE can do, here on this Earth

we are doing ourself a disservice if we are being anything other than who we truly are

think about what people always compliment you on,
applaud you for, and take it from there..

we all have God-given POWER.

friday february 2nd

the power of choice

while reflecting earlier, on my time spent in arizona; a year and some spent out there, diving deep into my soul

i remembered that at the beginning of the journey, i re-invigorated my love for wellbeing; attending farmer's markets, taking to raw milk, microgreens, bee pollen, and things of the sort

yet, something within the spiritual realm intrigued my curiosity & i dove deep, trickling my passion for wellness behind me and moving into unknown, deep waters working with energy, healing, and more

there was choice; it was mostly unconscious, yet looking back i can see how i abandoned one for the other, and ironically God has landed me back into the arms of wellbeing; the experience of the spiritual deep-dive isn't one i regret, although it has been one of the toughest things to integrate into my being

it is clear that we always have 2 choices, and when we are at pivotal points in our journey, a step back to notice what is Godly and what is a lesson-waiting-to-happen is an important part of staying true to YOUR path

tuesday january 30th

the biggest trap is living for tomorrow

&this doesn't come from a glass-half-full POV that  'tomorrow may not come' because i believe in a Good God, and have hope that he's giving us all a tomorrow

however, in today's world, many are living for tomorrow's agenda, for tomorrow's excitement

what about today?
the 24-hours we've been gifted, right here, right now

what would living for today feel like for: you?

monday january 29th

God is after your surrender

we often are living, trying to iron every detail of our life so it appears without creases

this only creates resistance and immense pressure; a heavy burden to carry through life: perfection

instead, all our Creator really wants is our surrender to the goodness-filled plan for our life

what would surrendering a little bit more, today, look like for you?

friday january 26th

thank the Good

it's true that perspective is everything; early today my husband & i spoke of the difference between 'i have to' and 'i get to' - he began the day feeling overwhelmed and while taking a momentary pause, read a post of a family friend who has been battling cancer & given only a few months to live

don't want for a life-shattering event to encourage you to be grateful for the Good in your life

begin today, messiness and all

be thankful for simply being alive

thursday january 25th

gratitude is humbling

when we focus on the simple things, many take for granted, a gentleness overtakes our inner spirit & it becomes undeniable how equivocally blessed we really are

look around; what is something simple that you can be grateful for, today?

wednesday january 24th

this day only comes once; stay present

whichever this day may bring, it is only arriving once, so let's be here, now.

how can you practice presence, right now, in this moment?

defining: skin, soul, and self

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