defining: skin, soul, and self

exploring the triad

the dragonfly co. lifestyle is rooted in wholesome living through caring for your skin, soul, and self. but, what does each really mean? we chatted with mavens of our community (co.), to unearth what each means to them, and featured an actual ritual in action.

the triad: skin, soul, self

we are all about knowledge, and keeping an open mind. we hope to help you broaden your perspective, whether you hang with us for the skin care or the soulful guidance or the impact through self. this month, our ceo, liz, explored the triad with real members of the dragonfly community (co.). skin, soul, and self can sound similar - but each is a unique facet of what makes you.. you


the maven: jessica p. holistic esthetician, NY

the takeaway: "I've had a lot of my own skin struggles... tried treating with traditional medicine for years, but what really led me to heal myself was more natural methods.. everything is connected when it comes to skin.. it's a journey.. now, I have 99% of my clients using dragonfly co."

the tip: "I look at my morning ritual as a time to start the day with a clean slate while my evening ritual is about washing the day off and taking time for me."

jessica's favorite mask: perk up facial grains

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the maven: brittany s. energy healer + mindfulness advocate, NC

the takeaway: "..soul is our center. it is the part of us that's the most joyful. it's our highest self... it's the root of who we are as people... I truly believe we have to be connected to our soul.. to find the things we are meant to be doing + make our biggest impact in the world, and the only way to get there.. is to be connected to our soul."

the tip: "follow your joy. because, when we have that soul connection and we are really aligned.. we are just following our joy."

brittany's favorite elixir: freedom multitasking facial + body oil

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the maven: shermikia l. forbes executive coach, NC

the takeaway: "self is knowing who you are... there's your authentic self and your adaptive self.. your authentic self is who you truly are...when you've left your authentic self, you're adapting to what society is telling us we should be doing.. when I'm at peace... that's when I know I'm operating in my authentic self. whatever is interrupting that.. has got to go."

the tip: "when I catch myself being in my adaptive self.. I'm just checking myself.. I'm asking myself: how did I get there? how did it leave me feeling? I always pay attention to how I feel.. that really plays a major role in knowing where you are." 

shermikia's favorite product: sunny days brightening exfoliant

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connecting it all

the maven: jonelle o. entrepreneur, NY

the takeaway: "your products gave me a ritual.. before, I was really all over the place.. not really paying attention to my skin."

the tip: "..I found what works for me. in the beginning, it was challenge.. I had to ask a lot of questions. but thankfully, you've helped me create my easy ritual."

jonelle's ritual: face off, simplicity cloths, not so basic, simplicity rounds, baby face, triple x, balancing roller 

(a complete skin, soul, and self ritual)

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what do you think?

what does skin, soul, and self mean to you? does you ritual include all 3 or maybe you're just focused on one right now? what did you learn?
we want to hear from you, drop a comment below!

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defining: skin, soul, and self
exploring the triad the dragonfly co. lifestyle is rooted in wholesome living through caring for your skin, soul, and self....
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