time for bliss.

ready for good vibes?

maybe you're ready for a ritual, but you don't know where to start. 

meet: bliss box.
the complete ritual for skin, soul, and self. 

"bliss" is all about complete joy, and that's what we believe a ritual brings forth. it's those couple moments you do something kind for you, just because you deserve it. 

it's time to put you, first.

the ritual

not so basic.

clean, effortless hydration with pure lavender water + rose petal water. boosted with aloe, for a soothed complexion. no matter your skin, type - you'll love these benefits.

bundle of joy.

an organically grown herbal bundle, intended for smudging + drawing forth positivity. filled with lavender, lemongrass, echinacea, and more. bound to bring you joy.

life's a journey.

in good signature dragonfly co. style, these eye-catcher earrings serve as an uplifting reminder + are 100% sustainably made. super lightweight, too! 

the why

no 1.

incorporating a treatment mist, is often the best place to start when beginning a new ritual. it will strengthen the skin barrier + deliver vital hydration to your skin. it's versatile, too. so, use not so basic as your toner, treatment mist, or finishing spray. p.s. the co. has been raving that it helps with mask acne, too which is a #2020 deal breaker. 

no 2.

'smudging' is an ancient ritual, that has gained popularity with the 'new age' movement. but, it's benefits are undeniable + far from trendy. the act includes burning sacred herbs, for spiritual cleansing benefits. think: bye, bye bad vibes. our bundle of joy is such a perfect starter, because every herb helps to bring forth positivity. not into smudging? leave it out in your space for show, because after all.. it's the intention that counts.

no 3.

who doesn't love a good pair of earrings? but, these are about more. the squiggle line on life's a journey reminds you that you are uniquely you, this path is yours, and you deserve to feel good. adding these to your outfit, sparks a moment of joy + always draws attention to your beautiful glow. + you can quite literally feel-good about what you're wearing because they are made small in the USA, by a real person.

the how

well, we don't want to spoil the surprise.. but, every bliss box contains a personalized ritual card that 

guides you on your journey to caring for your skin, soul, and self. 

p.s. it makes a special gift to give, too.

tell us what you think!

drop a comment below if you love good vibes. are you excited for the bliss box? are you giving it to yourself or sending one to a friend? let us know!












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