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some have new names

 you 💛 me as 'purifying beauty bar'

 you 💛 me as 'calming clay'

 you 💛 me as 'luminous lemon'

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 you 💛 me as 'revival clay'

 you 💛 me as 'clearing citrus'

 you 💛 me as 'rose renewal'

+ some new collections

faq: on our evolution

why did you evolve?

formerly known as dragonfly apothecary, we created "products you can feel good about." through the years, we've learned one thing: feeling good is about more than just skin. as we've come to know our community, we've learned clean skincare is a part of a bigger picture: your lifestyle. your choice to use clean products, usually goes hand-in-hand with your choice to live a wholesome lifestyle. our evolution came from one place: bringing forth all of the goods you need to embrace YOUR lifestyle. from just 'products you can feel good about' we are now: "the feel-good shop" | everything here is created by us, for you. 

still the same owners?

yes! mother-daughter duo, kat + liz, independently own dragonfly co. we've had no ownership change + are 100% a homegrown brand!

where can I find just skin care?

what has been discontinued? 

with evolution, some things naturally have to go. 

- BOD CARE: although we began with creating body care, we felt as though it was time to discontinue the collection; all body soaps + scrubs are no longer available. however, you never know.. they might be back sometime! there are a few 'bod bombs' still available: click here to get em!

- TONERS: we are working to improve our 'skin support' formula, as it contained witch hazel + we've decided to eliminate that ingredient from all products, due to it's harsh nature

are you still offering complimentary recommendations?

yes! click here to receive a complimentary ritual recommendation from a dragonfly co. team member.

are you offering any promotions?

we believe in affordability 365 days a year, so we've worked to keep our pricing the same until 2021, as a commitment to transparency. we've also added a couple new perks to your experience: 

- you can now choose a complimentary sample of your choice, with rituals $20+, at checkout! 

- also, we cover your shipping on rituals $75+ (no code necessary)

embrace the new

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