self-care that is
good for you 

+ the world.

as you care for your self (the you, you show the world) you become the goodwhy? because as you care for your self, you are caring for the world, too.

our favorite new good


the approachable, eco-friendly oracle deck

for reflection + guidance in to your Universe within

more new, new

be the good

free shipping + give good

this year, instead of releasing 'just another promotion' we are doing something that encourages you to care for your self, while giving the gift of good to others.

with any ritual, a give good card will be added to your cart. when you receive your order, look for your unique code on the card 

earn FREE SHIPPING through the year*

*valid on all rituals $55+ through 12.31.20 | no max redemptions | save $10.50-$100s 

100 books donated

to ourBRIDGE for kids who provides an inclusive + welcoming environment or refugee + immigrant children and their families, in charlotte. nc. 

our good book journal will be used during their school program's 'free choice time' in which the children can write and/or draw about their feelings and what was discussed in their community circle time.

when you purchase a good book, you are doing double good
(for you + the community)

self-care as world care

we have the power to shift the energy, if we first - shift our self. as a human race, we are all connected. we are all mankind. by caring for yourself, it is proven fact, the energy/vibe/feeling (whatever you resonate with) of mankind, lifts up too.

+ at dragonfly co. this *new* launch features 100% sustainable goods. meaning, even if you're not for the whole energy thing - you are still making impact with: 

zero plastic. zero wasteful materials.

just all the good stuff.

redefine your self-care

"when you look good, you feel good, and you begin to do good. eventually, you just become the good" 

D R A G O N F L Y  C O.