we believe in the good.

as a values-based brand, we keep a commitment to sustainability and goods made small in the USA. 

from our creations

we source with integrity, assuring our ingredient profile for apothecary products is always held to our highest standard. beyond that, when it's time to pour a formula into a bottle or add the finishing touches to our lifestyle goods, we support a low-carbon footprint with:

  • recyclable packaging | made in the USA 
  • biodegradable packaging | distributed by a small-business in the USA 
  • labels | made in the USA + printed in-house
  • tags | printed in the USA

to your at-home experience

packaging our creations is just as important, and you can feel good about the materials we use: 
  • shipping boxes | made in the USA
  • custom tissue paper | made by a small-business in P.A
  • recycled paper note cards | printed in the USA
  • stamps to brand boxes | made by a small-business in N.C
  • packaging materials | 100% recycled from vendors

we're all about growth.

we are committed not only to bringing you the best, but doing our best. want to chat about your experience?