the golden rules.

knowledge is power when falling in love with your apothecary ritual.  here are our must-know tips for feeling good about your experience.

get to know your product.

we like simple + straight to the point, and you'll see our packaging reflects that. on each bottle, you'll find made withhow to love it, and good for which shares all you need to know. we always recommend to learn the scope of ingredients, identifying any individual allergens, while assuring it's good for your skin type, and that you can love it being a part of your ritual. 

take the time to patch test

it's worth the wait. apply a small amount of product to nape of the neck or forearm, and wait 8 hours. if a reaction is going to occur, it will likely happen on these areas as the skin is ultra thin. if all is well, follow how to love it after the waiting period. however, if any redness/itchiness/irritation occurs, discontinue use and let's discover something that's right for you. if you're beginning a new ritual, with 2 or more products, allow a patch test for each individual product.

application is everything

application can make or break your experience with a product. yes, it's so important to know how to actually use a product (apply to face, use as PM treatment, etc), but when applying that product onto the skin, focus on these tips:

cleansers: a quarter-size amount; applied in circular + upward motions, avoiding the eye area
toners/mists: a generous amount applied: for breakout-prone skin, with our simplicity rounds to wipe away excess impurities, focusing on upward motions or for dry skin, pressing the product into the skin after applying

serums/elixirs: a dime-size amount of product; applied by pressing product into the skin

moisture care: a nickel-size amount of product; applied in upward, gliding motions

treatments: a quarter-size amount applied ; applied in gliding motions 

+ always remember to include your neck and decolletage in your ritual, these areas are often forgotten but so important!

28 days is key

the average time is takes for our skin to completely renew is 28 days. this varies upon age and skin condition, but a good general rule of thumb. when beginning a new ritual, it can take a full 28 days for your skin to adjust. especially, when using products that speeds up cell turnover (think: face off + triple x) it is common to see a 'skin purge' or increase in breakouts, in areas you would typically see congestion (ex: if you commonly break out on your jawline, you may see a purge in this area). however, if anything out of the norm occurs + is accompanied by redness or irritation, this could signify an allergy and we recommend holding off on that product. 

store your products well

as our products remain natural with active ingredients, we encourage you to store your products in a dark, cool area out of direct sunlight or the reach of children.

learn your batch no.

your batch no. is placed on the front of every apothecary product, and is simply the day your product was created. on the side of each bottle, you will find our suggested time frame to use within. if applied daily or weekly, that is also how long that product should last you, give or take. win-win.

ask questions, always

you'll hear us say it, time and time again. we are big on communication. so, unsure of something? click below and get in touch.

need us?

we're here for you.