creating a soulful skincare ritual

it is said that 'the eyes are the window the soul' but we believe that skin is.


the skin-soul connection

our skin is in sync with our nervous system and to the functioning of our vital organs. in fact, studies have shown that some skin conditions can have a psychological origin, such as: 

acne has been indicative of fatigue and stress

hives have been linked to depression

irritation and itchiness can be linked to anxiety

think of your skin as a protective shield, physically and emotionally, when you take care of yourself with a ritual you are nourishing your inner self, calming your soul, while also caring for your outer self, your complexion.

sometimes, it takes consistency. sometimes, it takes change. sometimes, it takes working on your soul more than your skin or vice-versa. but, remember that it is all connected. 

the dragonfly ritual

we believe in three simple steps to connecting your skin and soul, during your ritual. we keep it practical, no woo-woo stuff here. this is all about slowing down, 

create your ritual  

the perfect place to start

"don't forget that healing takes time. don't expect to try meditation and a new skincare line and end up with perfect skin in a week. give yourself the gift of time and patience. the body is a complicated, miraculous system and each body processes change in its own time."

-yancy lael, soulful skincare

we want to hear from you:

do you have a soulful, skincare ritual? what are your beliefs around the skin + soul connection? have you practiced the dragonfly ritual? share your thoughts below!

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