impact: it starts with you.

'there is always light, amidst the darkness, 
you can either find it or become it."


no denying it

our world has been affected with a global pandemic, following an awakening of our culture as we face one of the most unprecedented times in USA history. it has felt like a complete re-awakening.

here at dragonfly co., our mission is to focus on the good. so, in deciding how we can become the light in our community, we knew right away that it would be with the role of peacemaker to help prevail in the fight against systemic racism.. 

we look to help those around us to make positive + lasting impact, too by going within ourselves first; so whichever role is yours to own, you can feel-good doing it. maybe you have been holding onto a belief, that doesn't align with who you are, or maybe you aren't familiar with your feelings enough to know them. wherever you're at, we are here for you.

aligning yourself

let it in

let's start with practicing 'body talk' which helps recognize where you feel good, and where you don't then sending love to those areas that are in need of attention. learn to let love in here with a 10 minute, guided meditation that even beginners will enjoy. 

let it out

it is natural to have an array of emotions right now. maybe you are mad, maybe you're hurting for others; whatever it is, it is time to let it out, and accept and further understand. grab your journal, and explore this list of prompts as a place to start, and let's see what we unearth.

get it going

now that you have given yourself love and understanding, it is time to make your impact. we are here to support you. we want you to feel-good about yourself and your role. let's commit to lasting change within ourselves, our families, our community, which translates into changing our culture.

"I was born to join in love, not hate - that is my nature."


making an impact

it starts with you, it starts with me. a global pandemic, even despite its relevance, is a ruler for how important it is for us to listen + learn and then do your part. it is also important to realize, that 'doing your part' may look different for everyone.

we all have different roles to play in this world and our communities, especially during a revolution. by aligning, you're identifying where you can make impact. if every individual commits to going deeper within themselves, we believe global change is sure to follow.

let's be better, let's get our families to be better, our children to be better, not just now but for the future of mankind. but, let's also be gentle, understanding, and accepting of each individual's right to play their role. 

we can each take a different route there, and still end up at the same destination.

how will you get there? 

"the key to real and lasting change 

lies somewhere between what you know and what you do. 

it's what you think."

Lisa Oz

your voice is heard here.

we want to hear from you. what role are you owning? how can we come together as a community to make lasting impact? what can we do better? let's open this conversation up.  

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I appreciate your acceptance of the different roles each person can take on during this time. As someone who is more introverted I believe in keeping the peace but also fighting (in my own way) for what I know in my heart is right. Thank you for using your platform like this. It speaks volumes about your core values.

we want to know what you think!