what is your journey?

embracing feel-good living is different for
everyone, and that's the beauty of it.

liz + kat, ceo n' founder

we began in 2018 in our family kitchen, making natural soaps + scrubs. after selling out our first day, we realized our passion for "feel-good" was one shared by many. through the years, we have evolved into a mission-driven community (co.) helping you embrace feel-good living by caring for all of you: skin, soul, and self. our creations come from the heart and are rooted in wholesome values. 

we believe in

1. small-batch, simplicity

it doesn't have to be expensive, to be good. for the past 3 years, we have sourced the highest-quality ingredients to create skin care that is approachable + simple and keeps our community coming back.

2. moments of joy

how many times a day do you take a moment solely for joy? we help you embrace the feel-good moments by elevating your ritual with an unexpected element like incense, herbal tea, or our gemstone rollers.

3. sustainability + expansion

our mission often goes beyond what we can create. so, when we have an idea, but can't make it ourselves, we find fellow USA-based women creators to help us bring it to life. zero mass-produced goods, here.

our top 3 (co.) picks

freedom multitasking facial + body oil
  • good for all skin types

  • 100% non-comedogenic

  • for face and body

stay wild clean-burn incense


  • hand-dipped incense

  • california vibes scent

  • 100% phthalate-free

our community (co.) thoughts 

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