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We’re answering your top-questions about: ✨Flourish Facial Concentrate✨ ⠀

Q: But, what is a Facial Concentrate? ⠀

A: It is a luxurious, facial moisturizer with 100% active ingredients. All the good stuff. No fillers, no artificial fragrance. It’s not diluted, it’s not watered down, it’s just purity in a jar with a melting texture that hydrates, smoothes, and nourishes.⠀


Q: What makes this stuff so good?

A: This product formula was worked on for 4 months straight, until it reached perfection but the ingredient profile never changed. We believe in the power of what the Earth has given us, so we’ve married everyday ingredients with exotic botanicals. You’ll find nourishing oat, blueberry, sunflower, and chamomile along with calming blue tansy, kokum, and jasmine sambac. Many of those “exotics” are extremely expensive and brands shy away from using them, but we’ve balanced a formula that is both effective and accessible!

Q: I loved my sample, but I used it just at night. Is that okay? ⠀

A: For sure! Flourish, is AM and PM moisture care, which means whenever you want to feel your skin wrapped in a cocoon of moisture, that’s when you should use it! ⠀

Q: I have combination skin, more oily sometimes, can I use it? ⠀

A: As with all of our products, we try to make each one versatile enough to help all skin types. The blend of moisturizing ingredients with anti-bacterial ingredients like wildflower honey and blue tansy, make this a great choice for a combination skin type. Try it at night and then introduce it during the day, to ease your skin into something new! 


Q: Can I use a serum or an oil before it? ⠀

A: Flourish will work at optimal level before a serum as a traditional moisturizer = water + moisturizing ingredients. Since Flourish is concentrated with moisturizing ingredients, we do not use any h20 in our formula. Applying a water-based serum will allow your skin to get a full scope of hydration. However, lots of clients shared they used it after Freedom or alone, and loved the results! ⠀

Q: How long will a jar last? 

A: On average during our test phase, a jar lasted 1 month for most trialists. They loved it so much they used it as their day and night time moisture care. However, if you’re using it just at night, you will get more time out of it!  


⠀Q: How can I shop? 

A: Ooh! We are so excited you’re ready to Flourish. Click here to get yours! 


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